Top 10 Things to do at 120 Rua Prior Do Crato

There are so many wonderful things to see and do in Lisbon, but they are closed. So what can we show you? Well, not much! So here is a guide to the top ten things to do in our house.

1: Visit the Miradouro Prior do Crato (Definitely not our balcony)

1. Visit The Miradouro Prior Do Crato

Not as glamorous or beautiful as her sisters around the city, but the Miradouro Prior do Crato boasts an exclusivity (max 2 people and 1 tiny human) that most other spots lack. It is best enjoyed with a gin and tonic, but as we ran out of that last Wednesday it can also be enjoyed with cheap Sagres beer, or toilet duck mixed with cola.

2: Visit the library

2: Visit The Library

For those with interests outside of the history of Rome or Portugal there will not be much here for you, though an ever expanding cook book collection correlates with the ever expanding waistline of Ian. Highlights include Rachel’s masters dissertation ‘Death, Disease and the Demos: Thucydides and the Great Plague of Athens 430BC-426 BC’. Her analysis regarding the social effects of the epidemic on the city of Athens are somewhat prophetic of today, noting ‘The population seemed to respond and explain the disease in two broadly different ways. Some sectors, including Thucydides……sought ‘rational’ explanations for the plague…..Other sectors see the disease as a visitation from the Gods (see Mike Pence 2020).’ (Emerson, 2006).

3: Eat at Trattoria di Rachel

3.Eat at Trattoria Di Rachel

A little know Italian Trattoria, with seating capacity of 8 (4 inside, 4 outside). Rachel’s ten years of living and working in Italy heavily influence the food at Rachel’s Cantina, but don’t be surprised to see some Portuguese, Indian, Middle Eastern or even Irish cuisine crop up on the menu occasionally.

Ingredients come from the wonderful Remi (still delivering) and if the menu isn’t to your taste we can also order in Pizza from DaLucas, or the fantastic onion soup from Ruvida (both available on Uber Eats, or to visit whenever this lockdown ends).

You can find out more about whats on Rachel’s menu by following her on Instagram at @thelittleandorinha.

4: Visit the Tiger Queen

 4: Visit The Tiger Queen

Since arriving on the scene 2.5 years ago Elysia has claimed dominion over both wild cats in our apartment. While Augustus and Livia don’t particularly agree, Elysia’s ever-growing mullet  is seen in the animal world as a sign of dominance (we aremissing the closed hair salons, especially O Concept).

Petting the cats is free, but will require you to rub Livia’s belly for a minimum of 2 hours.

5: Visit the Prior do Crato Art Gallery

5. Visit the Prior Do Crato Art Gallery

An eclectic mix of Ikea prints, old postcards from Rome and more pricey purchases made, most probably, while drunk. Of particular interest are the Minoan plates (now believed to be cheap 21st Century replicas). Originally bought by Rachel on a 1st year university trip to Crete. For those favouring local Portuguese artists then the various pieces by the great ceramicist, Bordallo Pinheiro, are of particular interest. The stars of the show are the ceramic andorinhas (or swallows) who’s freedom to migrate and travel freely constantly mocks the curators. 

*The Picasso is currently on loan at the Louvre.


6: See Sunrise at the Bins

6: See Sunrise at the Bins

 Leaving the house is prohibited unless for essential reasons. Well the bins have to be taken out at some point, why not enjoy the bins at sunrise before everyone gets there and spreads their germs, walk the 100m home at a slow pace to really enjoy those morning rays.

7: Eat at Churrasqueira Prior do Crato

7: East at Churrasqueira Prior do Crato

Churrasqueira Resina may have the best Chicken Piri-piri in Alcântara, and Garage Smokehouse may have the BBQ corner of the market nailed down, but if under-seasoned and under cooked pork kebabs are your jam then head cook, Ian, has you covered. Outdoor seating only.

8: Get Drunk in the Beer Garden

8: Get Drunk in the Beer Garden

Quimera Brewpub could possibly be the best bar in the city, its definitely our favourite, but it’s closed. So pull up and chair and enjoy a cold can of multi-pack Sagres or Rum an Coke(add Lime to help fight off lockdown scurvy). The garden terrace has a strict no under 3’s policy after 8pm, so best wait till evening to visit.

Warning DJ has a propensity to play waaaaay to much Springsteen!

9: Virtual Reality Tour of the Archaeological Ruins

9: Virtual Reality Tour of the Archaeological Ruins

Little known fact, but both founders of The Rogue Historians are archaeologists. When doing emergency repairs in the kitchen early this year, workers unearthed the original Pombaline structure dating back to the late 18th Century. You can’t see it anymore, but we can show where it is and show you a picture on our phones. That counts as virtual reality right? Anyway, no refunds!


10: Visit the Spa

10: Visit the Spa
We all need a bit of pampering, why not visit the local spa, with bath side service and alcohol served till late. Turn on the shower while in the bath to start the jacuzzi function. No heavy petting! Rubber Duckies optional!