Live Portuguese Cooking Class

 An evening with a local food expert
Fridays 9pm Lisbon (BST)



An Evening With a Local Food Expert

The Portuguese spend on average 2 hours a day at the dinner table. The only thing more likely to start an argument than a conversation about football is a conversation about food.

So let’s stick to the solid basics of Portuguese cooking. Join your host Sara a local food and wine expert for a live cook along, you and the small group can watch and cook-a-long with Sara, as she teaches us the basics of Portuguese cuisine, and the two staples of any night out; the iconic Caldo Verde soup and the succulent Bifana, a heavenly delight, especially for those who’ve had one too many glasses of Vinho Verdes the night before.

The class is held through Zoom and the full ingredient list will be sent out in advance so you can cook along and ask questions to Sara.



Our guides are amongst the best in the business. With experts in almost every field. Our live cooking classes allow you to make the most of that expertise and ask questions and get tips as we go along.


We will send full ingredient lists and step by step recipes in advance. Giving you time to get in all the products you’ll need to cook along with Sara.


Times are tough for us and our guides. So all profits from the experience go to our experts. And in return you’ll receive €10 off of any future tour with us.

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