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Half the World’s population is on lockdown, and while we can’t travel to our favourite destinations right now, we can bring them to you. So get comfortable on your couch and let us bring your favourite sites to you!

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Welcome to The Rogue Historians

Dedicated to sustainable tourism and with some of the best storytellers in the business, we are the perfect tour provider if you are looking for small intimate groups (max group size is 10) and with fantastic cultural experiences.

Our Best Sellers


The Dark Heart of Lisbon

Join us after the sun sets for an evening walking tour as we explore the darker side of Lisbon’s history through the winding streets of Alfama and downtown Lisbon!


City of Spies: Lisbon during WWII

Lisbon played a pivotal role in WWII despite not a single gun being fired here. A route for Jewish refugees, and tonnes of Nazi gold, and not to mention spies from all over the world.  Dive into the murky waters of wartime Lisbon.

Historic Shops and Crafts of Lisbon

From grocers to bakers, to candlestick makers we explore all that makes Lisbon special. Exploring stores that have been practising their crafts for hundreds of years, the history behind them and the products and services they provide.

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